Adding in Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to disguise thin hair or add in that extra bit of length. The extensions we use have are ultra thin, less then 1mm thin, with a flexible hem, so they’re healthy for your hair and are placed in the hair to have an invisible result.  Our extension expert on site at The Mane Space is Emma!

Emma has worked at the Mane Space for 5+ years and had completed her certificate in ****. She specialises in our extension services here at The Mane Space.

Types of Extensions

The best way to conceptualise tone is to think of a cool to warm spectrum. For example, say you are editing a photo, and you’re adjusting the warmth level. You can slide the bar up and down to get different tone results based on how close the marker is to the cool side, or to the warm side. So here is the GO-TO toner guide everyone needs in their life. Show this to your hairdresser and she will love you for it.

Nano Beads


Brief about NANO beads

Brief about weaves

Before & Afters

Emma handles all extension enquiries. Express your interest and find out more by emailing her. Click below.