Blonde Colour

Going Blonde at The Mane Space

When you go to the hair salon, you hear a lot of words like, highlights, foils, lightening, brightening, toner, warm, cool… the list goes on and on. But how is a client like yourself meant to know exactly what the hairdressers are talking about?!

Well the best hairdresser’s on the northern beaches are here to educate you on just that. Before you go blonde there’s some things you should know. In your first lesson, we’ll talk about tone. End of the day, you could have the best balayage, best full head of foils, or best face framing, but if the tone is off, it’s not right. Hairdresser’s will sometimes use a toner on your hair to bring the hair to its desired colour.

Our Manly hairdressers have a few favourite toner formulas they like to use. But if you as the client knows exactly what tone you’re after, you make our work to achieve your goal, so much easier!

The best way to conceptualise tone is to think of a cool to warm spectrum. For example, say you are editing a photo, and you’re adjusting the warmth level. You can slide the bar up and down to get different tone results based on how close the marker is to the cool side, or to the warm side. So here is the GO-TO toner guide everyone needs in their life. Show this to your hairdresser and she will love you for it.

First lesson complete! You’re now ready to book in your blonde appointment at our hair salon in manly. If you still feel unsure, no worries, one of our hairdressers will be happy to give you more information in your free 15 minute consult. Book in now!