Keratin Treatments

“Nope, I’m not going outside, it’s raining!”

By Nicole Koprivec

We can all recall a time when we frantically stripped off our jackets, tucked our hair away and rushed to cover our heads, only to avoid … yep … rain hair.

We all know it. The rain brings out this lion of a person. The little hair strands separate from each other one by one, only to reveal a changed identity … you could almost pass as cousin ITT.

The rainy days are out of our control. But I know for a fact we all want to know we’re going to look good for longer than just the hour in the bathroom mirror before we leave the house.

Keratin treatments offer the solution to this problem. They deposit the protein keratin into the hair. As a result, your hair enjoys its reinvigorated dose of strength and moisture – enabling you to walk around with silky, smooth hair that reduces the appearance of unruly hair and split ends.

The GOLDWELL KERASILK Keratin Treatment we offer is done in 5 steps:

  1. Clarifying Shampoo: Helps to clean the hair of any excess built-up product and open the hair cuticle for the protein deposit.
  2. Application of Product: The protein keratin is deposited into the hair by application of the product from roots to ends.
  3. Blow Dry Heat Activation: The product is blow-dried into the hair, where the heat works to lock the treatment into the hair cuticle.
  4. Straightening Irons: The product is further activated with heat when the irons are run through the hair.
  5. Shampoo and Condition: After all that hard work, the hair must be washed with the GOLDWELL Kerasilk Control range to remove any excess product build-up and lock the treatment into the hair.

It’s important to note that the majority of keratin treatment results DO NOT make your hair straight. Instead, they work wonders to remove the hair’s frizz and tighten the hair follicle.

Speak to one of our hairdressers in Manly today to see if the Keratin Treatment is right for you!